The Technical Workplace

June 12, 2013

  Today's work tasks demand more than a typical office, studio or lab. We yearn for places designed to help us increase speed to market, integrate complex systems, develop creative multi-disciplinary insights and apply technological innovations. These passions drive new business models, operational modes, and organizational cultures - they are what "the technical workplace" is all... more

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Why would anyone want to invest time in your workspace?

May 3, 2013

James F. Meredith, RA, LEED AP, Workplace Strategy Corporate & Commercial Studio Leader   Walking through a client’s current workspace this week reminded me of the great gulf that exists between the way businesses are managed and the way they perform, and the extraordinarily important role that design has in that performance.   We entered a mean, little, anonymous elevator... more

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Change Leadership

October 15, 2012

James F. Meredith, RA, LEED AP, Workplace Strategy Corporate & Commercial Studio Leader   The best way to prepare for change is to decide the things that won't change. Joseph Kosuth, “Self Defined,” 1965, Neon tubing   The organizations we work with are now much more ready to move in substantially new directions than at any time in the past decade. The change momentum... more

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Happiness and Work Progress and Performance: Is there a role for the workplace?

December 15, 2011

Jim Meredith, LEED AP, Workplace Strategy There is an increasing body of scholarship and other analysis linking positive feelings and happiness at work to the progress and performance of the organization. The Gallup organization has been conducting an annual survey and index on “well-being” at work, for example. The more recent surveys indicate a continuing decline in staff... more